The winner of Rua/Vera gets a title shot

During today’s UFC on FOX 4 media call, UFC President Dana White stated that the winner of Saturday night’s main event between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Brandon Vera will get a title shot.

An article was written on last week that the next title contender would be determined at UFC on FOX 4. The first question asked to White was if it was true that the winner of the main event would get a title shot. White’s answer to the question was simply, “Yes.”

After answering that the winner will receive a title shot, he explained why Shogun would be the next guy if he wins. “Shogun Rua just came off the fight of the year last year and he is probably one of the greatest fighters over the last decade,” White said. “A win for this guy right back in the division and he is probably the number two guy in the world.”

On the other side, this is a huge opportunity for Vera is coming off a win over Eliot Marshall at UFC 137. Prior to his win over Marshall, he had gone 0-2, 1NC in his previous three fights and was briefly released after his UFC 125 bout against Thiago Silva. The bout was originally a unanimous decision lost for Vera, but he was rehired by the UFC once it was learned that Silva tested positive for a banned substance.

Vera looks at this opportunity as a blessing and knows this is a huge chance for him. “This is already a blessing in disguised and by Dana throwing that out there, it’s like almost hitting the lottery twice,” Vera said.

During the media call, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones reacted to the news that the winner of the fight would get a title shot.

Jones defeated Vera back in March of 2010 by TKO in the first round and broke the cheek bone of his opponent. Since that lost, Vera has said that he wants to get a rematch against Jones and said that he didn’t respect Jones as he prepared for their fight.

“The very first time I fought Jon Jones, I just thought he was some young punk and I didn’t respect him at all,” Vera said. “I didn’t train hard and the outcome showed itself. I got what I deserved to thinking the way I did. If and when I get the chance to fight Mr. Jones again, I promise he will have my full and undivided attention.”

Should Brandon Vera get a title shot with a win over Shogun? It’s a tough argument to make, but he will have the biggest opportunity of his career on Saturday night on network television.