Chael Sonnen: “I am not a cheater, I am a gangster”

The war of words continues between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen.

Jones responded to comments by Sonnen on Twitter last week and said yesterday that he is done talking about any other opponent besides Dan Henderson. However, that has not stopped Sonnen in talking about him.

Sonnen appeared on “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV last night and responded to comments made by Jones that he is a cheater. “I am not a cheater, I am a gangster,” Sonnen said. “Gangsters follow their own set of rules and it’s up to another gangster to stop me.”

Sonnen and Jones began their Twitter war last week after Sonnen made comments about Jones and that he was a “punk kid.” During his appearance on the weekly television show, Sonnen was asked about the Twitter feud with the champion.

“I didn’t understand the whole thing,” Sonnen said. “He has to worry about beating Dan Henderson, which he won’t do. He has to worry about Dan Henderson’s right hand.”

Earlier this week, Jones wrote on Twitter about the motivation that Sonnen has given him.

“The American Gangster” responded to the tweet when asked for his response by Kenny Florian and says that Jones can call him anytime for motivation.

“I think the thing that surprised me the most, is when he referred it to motivation for him, Sonnen said. “I motivated him? Ok, I guess. What is he paying his coaches for then. If he needs me for motivation, I will DM him the number to the bat phone and call him directly. He can pay me for my rhetorical skills. He is not going to be around much longer. The only thing we need to know is which hospital to send the flowers to.”

It has been brought up that Sonnen may be trying to distract Jones from his fight next weekend against Henderson. The champion admitted yesterday that he regrets talking about other fighters during is training camp, instead of the fighter he will be facing next.

Does Chael believe he is distracting Jones away from the former Pride and Strikeforce champion?

“Look, I will never fight Jones. He will never fight me. He is surrounded by a bunch of yes men. When he ask them is Chael is better than me, they tell him yes. When is asked if Chael will beat me, they tell him yes. When he asked if Chael will take my title away, they tell him yes.”

Chael Sonnen ended his interview last night and had a message for the champion. “I just want to clear the air. Look Jon, I don’t need to fight you. I am the highest paid fighter in the UFC. I shatter pay-per-view and television records. I don’t need to beat you up Jon, I just want to.”