What’s next for Frankie Edgar?

Frankie Edgar wanted a rematch after he lost his title at UFC 144 and UFC President Dana White decided to give him the shot since the fighter has done everything they have ever asked out of him.


The former lightweight champion lost a controversial split decision last night to Benson Henderson and many people believe that he should have won the fight. One of the judges scored the fight 49-46 for him, but the other two judges scoring the fight gave it to Henderson 48-47.

When the scores were announced, Edgar was upset that he didn’t get the win. After the fight, he said it doesn’t matter what he thinks since the judges scored the fight for his opponent.

“It don’t really matter what I think at this point,” Edgar said. “I could be pissed off, but he still got the decision, it’s not going to change and it is what it is.”

At the post fight press conference, White did not say who he felt won the fight. All he said that he is not a judge and felt the fight was tied heading into the final round. When asked how he scored the final round, White did not say who he felt won the round.

The question for Edgar now becomes is what will he do next. White has stated in the past that he fells that Edgar should move down to the featherweight division. Prior to giving him the rematch against Henderson, he tried to talk him into moving down. However, Edgar likes fighting at lightweight, even though he is undersized in the division.

Even though he would like to see the fighter move down in weight, White said that decision is up to Edgar.

“He has always prove that he can stay at 155,” White said. “There has never been a case where Frankie is not good enough to be at 155, he’s not tough enough to be at 55, he’s not talented enough to be at 55 or that he is not big enough to be at 55. I just think at 145, he is a monster, but he likes 55 and he wanted this fight bad.”

Edgar would not commit to what is next in the post fight press conference, but it appears he is open to moving down in weight. He joked that he knows that Dana is not going to give him another title shot soon. If he does move down to the featherweight division, White said he would have to win a fight before getting a title shot.

Edgar has proven that even though he is undersized, he is still one of the best lightweight fighters in the world. If he is looking for the quickest way to get back to a UFC title, moving down in weight would be the right call. However, he likes fighting as a lightweight and this is a decision that he will have to make with his coaches.