Who will Rashad Evans fight next?

Rashad Evans has not been in the octagon since UFC 145 in April and the fighter has recently started to get back into the gym.


Evans still does not know who he will fight next and if he will move down to the middleweight division.

He has mentioned the possibility of fighting Anderson Silva, but he knows he would need to get a win at middleweight before getting a fight with the champion.

There has been rumors of a potential fight between Evans and former UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen in a catchweight fight. During an interview with ESPN, Evans talked about the possibility of taking on Sonnen.

“Chael will always be an interesting fight, but we work together a lot with Fuel TV,” Evans said. “So, I don’t know if it will happen. Besides that, I think Chael might be going up. I’m never one to back down from a fight, though. So, if Chael wants to come down, I mean come up, then we gotta do it.”

It appears that Evans next fight will be as a light heavyweight, but middleweight could be in the future for the former UFC champion.