Could Daniel Cormier be in the future of Jon Jones?

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has nearly cleaned out the UFC light heavyweight division as it currently stands and has hinted at possible move to the heavyweight division.


One potential opponent for Jones in the future could be Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

He is a training partner of Cain Velasquez and has recently said that he would consider a move to light heavyweight if Velasquez reclaims his title later this year.

He did a interview this week with MMA Junkie Radio and talked about his interest in taking on Jones. He feels that Velasquez will reclaim the UFC heavyweight title later this year and has an idea on how to introduce himself to the UFC fans.

He would like to be a coach on “The Ultimate Fighter” against Jones and this would allow him time to get his body down to the light heavyweight.

Is a fight with Cormier something that has come across the mind of the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion? Jones did an interview earlier this year on ESPN Radio Los Angeles and mentioned the possibility of taking on Cormier.

“There’s a few guys on my radar that aren’t necessarily big names but they’re great athletes,” Jones said. “Daniel Cormier, he’s the champion of Strikeforce, I mentioned fighting him and he’s an Olympic level wrestler and I think he would give me a great challenge which is why I’m here.”

With the UFC searching for opponents that Jones has not already faced, a bout with Cormier does make sense. A fight with Jones and Cormier would be interesting and the only question is how much time would Cormier need to make light heavyweight.

The reality show would be a good way to introduce the UFC audience to Cormier, but the UFC may want to see Cormier get a win in the UFC before giving him a fight with Jones.