UFC 152 Preliminary Card Results

After a three-week plus hiatus the UFC finally returned to action with UFC 152 live from Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.  The crowd was ready early and the night started out with three fights on Facebook and four more on FX. 

The opening bought for the evening that kicked off the Facebook portion of the card was Charlie Brenneman vs the visibly larger Kyle Noke.  The fight opened with Noke establishing his jab followed up with a solid high-kick. 

Brenneman then mistakenly dropped his hands and got dropped by a huge right hand.  Noke then pounced on top for some ground-and-pound and Dan Miragliotta jumped in to stop the fight at the 0:45 mark of the first round.  The fans were quick to express displeasure as Brenneman was reaching for Noke’s leg but it was too late.

The second fight on Facebook pitted Mitch Gagnon against Walel Watson.  The two opened up with some jabs, but Gagnon won the early exchange with some good inside jabs. Watson then attempted a superman punch but missed and Gagnon immediately followed it up with a deafening left-hand that dropped Watson.  Gagnon then pounced on Watson, secured his back and finished him off with a rear-naked choke at the 1:09 mark of the first round.

The final fight on the facebook portion of the card was Seth Baczynski against Simeon Thoresen. Baczynski was the aggressor early by landing solid leg kicks and jabs.  Thoresen then tried getting inside but kept getting tagged by Bacynski’s jabs.  Thorensen then landed a solid body kick that hurt Baczynski.  Baczysnki recovered quickly though and followed it up with a vicious left that sent Thorensen to the mat and referee Big John McCarthy in to stop the fight at the 4:10 mark of the first round.

Next up was the opening fight on the FX card that featured Jimmy Hettes against huge underdog Marcus Brimage.  Brimage got the better of the early exchanges to open up the first round.  Hettes was eventually dropped, but Brimage was unable to do anything in his guard. The second round opened with Brimage dropping a high-kick but was eventually taken down by Hettes. Hettes then worked some submissions but Brimge did a decent job of defending and surviving. The final frame opended with Brimage being more aggressive and eventually cutting Hettes on the back-of-the-ear. Brimage finished the round strong with some agreesive stand-up and secured himself the upset unanimous decision victory.

The next fight on the FX card was between Canadian favorite Sean Pierson and Lance Benoist.  The first round opened up with loud chants of Pierson and some great stand-up by both fighters. Pierson eventually got the better of the exchanges and dropped Benoist several times. The second round was much of the same and Benoist clearly looked like the more tired fighter.  Benoist came out in the third round though like a completely different fighter by surprising Perison with a stiff left hook that sent him to the mat.  Benoist tried capitolizing but it was not enough.  Pierson survived the round and left with the unanimous decision victory.

The next fight on the FX card was between T.J. Grant and Evan Dunham.  Both fighters came out swinging for the fences in the first round with neither getting the better of each other.  As the round wore on Grant opened up a nice cut over Dunham’s eye.  The Second round saw more brutal stand-up by both fighters, but Grant clearly got the better of the exchanges.  Dunham did score a late take-down to finish the round but was not able to capitalize.  The third round opened with Dunham clearly being the aggressor.  Grant tried to muster up some offense but was eventually taken down again within the final minute of the round.  In the end, the final take-down was not enough and Grant left the octagon with a unanimous decision victory.

The final fight on the FX portion of the card pitted Vinny Magalhaes against Igor Pokraja.  The first round opened with Pokrajac pushing Magalhaes to the cage in a very risky maneuver.  Magalheas eventually secured a leg and grabbed a take-down.  Magalheas worked several submissions from the ground including a nice triangle from the rubber guard position but was unable to lock anything in.  The second round started much the same, but this time Pokrajac landed on-top when they hit the mat.  Magalheas wasted no time on the bottom as he immediatly turned Pokrajac over and started locking in an arm-bar.  Pokrajac was quickly in-pain and was forced to tap at the 1:14 mark of the second round.

UFC 152 Preliminary Card Results

      • Kyle Noke defeated Charlie Brenneman – TKO (Strikes) – Round 1 – 0:45
      • Mitch Gagnon defeated Walel Watson – SUB (RNC) – Round 1 – 1:09
      • Seth Baczynski defeated Simeon Thoresen – KO (punch) – Round 1 – 4:10
      • Marcus Brimage defeated Jimy Hettes – UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
      • Sean Pierson defeated Lance Benoist – UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
      • T.J. Grant defeated Evan Dunham – UD (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
      • Vinny Magalhaes defeated Igor Pokrajac – SUB (armbar) – Round 2 – 1:14