Dan Henderson responds to Chael Sonnen getting a title shot

Dan Henderson was scheduled to take on Jon Jones at UFC 151 on September 1st, but he suffered a knee injury and had to pull out of the fight.

After Henderson’s injury and Jones unwilling to accept a fight against Sonnen, the card was canceled and Jones ended up defending his title at UFC 152 against Vitor Belfort.

Now, the UFC has decided that Sonnen will be the next title contender for the light heavyweight title and Henderson has reacted the the news of this on Twitter.

It’s understandable why Henderson is not happy with the fact that Sonnen received a title shot because of the trash talking he did with Jones, which motivated the champion to accept a fight with him.

Now, Henderson will have to defeat former champion Lyoto Machida to get a chance at winning the UFC title. This fight is rumored to be taking place in December, but the UFC has not officially announce the fight at this time.

With how this situation has played out, expect to see more fighters go the route that Sonnen has gone than letting their actions in the octagon do their talking.