‘Here Comes The Boom’ is not just a MMA movie, its an inspirational comedy

The latest mixed martial arts movie will hit theaters tomorrow as comedian Kevin James stars in ‘Here Comes The Boom.’

This is the first mixed martial arts movie that will feature the UFC and James plays the lead character of Scott Voss.

Not only is the movie about MMA, but it’s an inspirational comedy and James told TheMMAReport.com that this was the goal of the film.

“That was the goal,” James said. “It’s about being in the MMA world and having that collide with education, school and inspiration. I have some great teachers growing up and just becoming a better version of yourself, with a lot of these good teachers can shape people. It was an inspirational movie that I thought could be very funny in a real way and not necessary in the way I have done comedy before.”

Another goal of the film was to make it feel real and show what a fighter has to do to prepare himself to get into the octagon.

“I wanted to show it in a great light and show the human side of these fighters and what they go through. That’s the story to me. It’s getting to know these fighters, which I have over the years and finding out what they fight for and what inspires them.”

It’s well known that James is a huge fan of the sport and he will always remember what it was like to film a fight screen in the octagon and have several UFC personalities in the film.

“Just being in the octagon, I think at the end and being in their with that crowd roaring and seeing Herb Dean and Stitch Duran in the corner. Having Buffer call it out with Rogan there and really hearing his voice and Goldberg. These guys lend legitimacy to it all.”