Fight Master: Bellator MMA moving to Thursday nights starting this week

Following rock-bottom ratings last week, Fight Master: Bellator MMA, is moving to 11 p.m. EST following TNA’s Impact Wrestling. The move which has since been confirmed by Bellator MMA officials as a permanent move and it comes at a smart time, especially with ratings being so low.


Not to mention, this weeks TNA Impact Wrestling’s show is actually branded as a Hardcore Justive PPV (free) show.

For those who are unfamiliar, TNA has reduced its major PPV’s to only 4 a year, and Hardcore Justice was an original that has since been removed. Going forward events like Hardcore Justice will be placed into Impact Wrestlings regular Thursday night time slot and be branded as PPV on free TV.

In other words, a very smart move by Bellator MMA and Spike TV officials to move its struggling reality show to after a very interesting Hardcore Justice event which will certainly offer a tremendous lead-in for Fight Master.

For more on Fight Master’s ratings check the chart below which is updated to last weeks episode.