Bellator 112 live+3 (DVR numbers) shows a slight 7% viewership increase

Bellator 112 took place this past Friday night in Hammond, Indiana and featured Pat Curran regaining the Bellator featherweight title with the latest stoppage in Bellator title fight history as he submitted Daniel Straus with 14 seconds left in the fight.

Bellator 112 Poster

According to Nielsen sources, Bellator 112’s preliminary viewership landed at 6990,000 total viewers and has since increased 7% to 748,000 total viewers thanks to the live+3 DVR numbers.

When it came to the live peak audience, Bellator hit over 1 million twice, between 10:45-11:00 PM, they hit 1.035 million viewers and between 11:00PM-11:15PM they hit 1.037 million viewers. Factoring in the live+3 DVR peak numbers now, Bellator 112’s peak pushes to 1.220 million viewers between the 10:57PM and 11:01PM timeframe.

As a reminder, this adjustments was due to the live + 3 (DVR) numbers which will be released every Tuesday. For those new to Nielsen ratings terminology, live + 3 is a equal to a total of live viewership plus 3 days worth of DVR usage.

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