Doug Marshall was scheduled to compete in the semifinals of the middleweight tournament on April 4th in Reno, but the former tournament winner was unable to get a license today by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Doug Marshall

Marshall was suspended by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission following his first round defeat to Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 109 and recently came off suspension.

During today’s commission meeting, Marshall confirmed that his positive drug test was due to testosterone and that his ratio was 6.2:1.

“My testosterone levels were 6.2:1 and I received a letter in the mail from Pennsylvania,” Marshall told the commission. “The only thing that was marked on their was elevated, it didn’t even say elevated testosterone. It said elevated level of androstenedione. I don’t know exactly but I would have to find the paperwork. It said, so you are suspended for sixthy days and $500 fine. I immediately sent my $500 fine. I was suspended until I was able to provide a test by their given facility. I went, tested and came back clean so they reinstated me.

Marshall admitted that he has requested a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone replacement therapy in the past, but he did not request one for his fight in Pennsylvania last year. He told the NSAC that he used testosterone for recovery and was given the treatment by a doctor through a intramuscular shot.

Commissioner Pat Lundvall asked Marshall if he knew that this was a banned substance in Pennsylvania, which he stated he did know that. She would go on to ask why the NSAC should give him a license, which Marshall knows he made a mistake and wants to carry on with his career.

“I don’t want to be blemished,” Marshall said. “I know I made a mistake. I am just looking to put that pass me and carry on with my career with what little time that I have left. I was just really hoping that I could do that in the state of Nevada.”

Following Marshall’s answer on why he should get a license, they were into deliberation and Lundvall proposed a motion to table the application of Marshall until August 9, 2014, which would be nine months after his suspension from Pennsylvania. The vote would be passed unanimously by the commission and Marshall will have to appear in front of the commission following this date to receive a license.

With Marshall being unable to get a license with Nevada, he will not be able to fight on his scheduled fight at Bellator 115 on April 4th. reached out to Bellator following this decision and have not received an official statement on the decision made by the NSAC today in Las Vegas.