Ryan Couture wants to be remembered as someone that always worked hard, showed up prepared, and was always ready to fight

When Ryan Couture steps in the cage tonight across Tom Bagnasco at Bellator 124, chances are he won’t be the only Couture discussed by Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock on the television broadcast.Bellator 124 Poster

That’s something to be expected when one’s father is a MMA legend.

“My dad was always my hero before he started fighting and became everyone else’s,” said Ryan Couture. “I’ve idolized him since I was a little boy.”

Although Ryan admires his father, he is looking to walk away from that giant shadow of his father’s legacy, and forge his own.

“I’m definitely always working hard to put on a great performance and have my career speak for itself. It can definitely get a little bit old when every interview kind of revolves back to dad but I feel like as long as I put in the work and respect the sport, everything will take of itself.”

At 32 years of age, Ryan Couture has certainly accomplished quite a bit in his eleven fight career. After starting off his career in Strikeforce, Couture transitioned into the UFC. He amassed a 6-3 record in that span.

“For the most part, I’m happy with my career so far and I’m just looking forward to continuing to build on my accomplishments in the sport,” said Couture. “I just want to be remembered as someone that always worked hard, showed up prepared, and was always ready to fight.”

Back in his days with Strikeforce, Couture built a relationship with the promotion’s founder and CEO Scott Coker. That wouldn’t be the last time that Ryan rubbed shoulders with Coker.

“I was really excited when I heard Scott Coker was taking over [Bellator]”, Couture said. “I had a good relationship with him back in my Strikeforce days and he made me feel great about calling Bellator my home.”

Tonight at the Compuware Arena, Ryan Couture will make his debut with Bellator and continue crafting his legacy.

“I feel really great about being here with Bellator. There’s a lot of tough competition and I know there’s a long road ahead of me if I want to climb to the top of the lightweight division here with Bellator”, said Couture. “I’m excited to see what the promotion has in store in the future, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”