Decisions, decisions: How to watch every big fight tonight

With Saturday night being one of the busiest nights in the history of mixed martial arts, it puts fans in a bit of predicament. Each card, UFC 180, WSOF 15 and Bellator 131 is some of the best the sport has to offer.Brooks Chandler WI

How does one manage to view all of the night’s biggest fights if one were so inclined?

Well luckily, I am here to help. You see, over the years I have become a self-proclaimed master of the television remote control.

I will run through you’re viewing options for Saturday night and together, we can decide what option is best suited for you.

(Full disclaimer: If you do not have some version of DVR, this may be a bit of a struggle. Also, I feel bad for you.)

Option 1: Dueling Televisions
Bring that second TV in from the bedroom, plop it down next to the big screen in the living room and you’re good to go. You’ll get to watch 2 of the 3 shows live at the same time while DVRing the third. Of course, having to decide which one gets left out is a bit of “Sophie’s Choice”, but at least you’ll get to go back and watch later. This is very good option and could make for a great viewing party.

Option 2: The Bar
Head down to your local watering hole and ask politely if they could program three of their televisions to each event. This can be a pretty ideal solution, especially if the TVs are close in proximity. However, it may not be for great for those whose attention span cannot handle the madness of trying to watch three fights at once. Also

Option 3: One at a time
Pick your favorite fight card and settle in for the long haul. You can focus all your attention on the event you are most interested in while DVRing the one or both of the other events. However, if you choose to go this route, I would strongly advise against going on Twitter throughout the night. Watching events without knowing the outcome will help to increase enjoyment.

Well now that we have laid out all of the options, it is time for you to decide. There is no wrong answer, only what best fits your needs. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys the fights on Saturday night and if you have any TV remote control/DVR related questions, you know where to find me.