Steven Siler signed with Titan FC due to Zuffa out clause and is training at The Lab to prepare for Desmond Green

The vacant Titan FC featherweight title will be on the line later this month as Steven Siler makes his promotional debut against Desmond Green in the co-main event of Titan FC 32.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Siler (23-13) enters Titan FC after having nine fights in the UFC and went 5-4 in the promotion. He was released by the UFC earlier this year following a decision defeat to Noad Lahat and multiple organizations reached out to him once he became a free agent.

Why did Siler decide that Titan FC was the best place for him? First off, they have a Zuffa out clause in their contracts and he feels that he has unfinished business in the UFC. Second, they were the promotion that was willing to give him a fight quickly.

To get back to the UFC, it all starts on December 19th in Massachusetts when he meets Green for the Titan FC featherweight title. This matchup was initially scheduled to take place in November, but Titan FC officials delayed the card one month.

The delay in the fight gave Siler additional time to head to Arizona to train at The Lab, which features several known fighters who currently compete in the UFC. Also, the gym offers Siler several fighters that are very similar to what Green will bring to the cage later this month.

“They have a lot of guys that are similar to Desmond Green,” Siler told The MMA Report. “I figured that camp is more willing to help me than my current camp at The Pit Elevated with Court [McGee] and Josh [Burkman]. They are bigger guys. I wanted guys more similar to my size, who would be willing to help me out.”

Green made a splash in his Titan FC debut as he defeated former WEC champion Miguel Torres in less than one minute in October. A majority of fighters will state that a fight is about what they need to do and Siler has not seen much of Green with the exception of the Torres fight in October.

“I am not even worried about what he is going to do,” Siler said. “I actually haven’t watched him at all. I did watch the Torres fight because I happened to be watching Titan that day. Other than that, I have not seen Desmond fight or know anything about him.”

When it comes to the actually fight, Siler feels comfortable wherever the fight may go and plans to take it to Green.

“I really feel like I can beat him wherever,” he said. “He is a wrestler, so if he takes me down, I have a lot of submission victories. I know how comfortable I am on the ground. If he keep it standing, that’s my world. No matter where the fight goes, I know I am ready and I know I am going to take it to him.”

Could a victory over Green on December 19th lead to another opportunity for Siler in the UFC?

“I am hoping so,” he said. “I am hoping that I just need one if not, if I need two, I am more than happy to get two. I am just hoping that Titan keeps me active, which it seems like they will. I hate having breaks between fights. I feel like I am unemployed and not doing anything. I hate not being in fight camp.”