Marius Zaromskis: I don’t think there is anything unique about Fernando Gonzalez

It’s been over two years since the last time welterweight Marius Zaromskis has won consecutive fights, but it’s a feat he’ll be looking to accomplish once again on Friday night at Bellator 132.

Bellator MMA
Bellator MMA

Although his opponent is Fernando Gonzalez, a Brazilian fighter with a 2-0 promotional record, Zaromskis is confident about the possibility of a win given that he feels as though he is the best he’s ever been as a mixed martial artist.

“I have definitely grown as a fighter over the last couple of years,” said Zaromskis. “I feel better than I ever have before in my career because I am staying focused, eating healthy food and training regularly to be ready for any type of fight.”

As far as the type of fight Zaromskis expects with Gonzalez, he does a have a general prediction that it’ll be electric.

“Styles make fights, and I think this fight is going to be exciting from start to finish. I’m coming to take Fernando Gonzalez out in spectacular fashion,” said Zaromskis. “Nobody watching this fight will be disappointed when it’s over.”

Analyzing the match-up from a technical standpoint, there isn’t a particular area of Gonzalez’s arsenal that looks new to the 34-year-old Zaromskis.

“I don’t think there is anything unique about him (Gonzalez). I don’t think he’s going to be able to show me anything inside the cage that I haven’t seen that many times before,” said Zaromskis. “I see holes in Fernando’s game that I plan to capitalize on inside the cage.”

If all goes according to the plan of the AKA product, the judges won’t be needed for his bout with Gonzalez.

“I am definitely more dangerous than Fernando Gonzalez inside the cage,” said Zaromskis. “I feel like I have more ways to win the fight. I’m coming in there to finish him. I want to make this fight something truly memorable. I want to leave an impression.”

And the goal of being remembered inside the MMA cage, isn’t something that will be entirely fulfilled on Friday. The veteran fighter believes his best days inside the sport lie ahead.

“My journey in MMA is far from finished. I plan on being remembered for a long time. I want to be remembered as one of the best fighters in the world.”