Titan FC 33 on March 20 will air live on CBS Sports Network at 11 p.m. ET due to March Madness

Last week, Titan FC announced the lineup for its March 20th fight card at Mobile Aerofest in Alabama and the fight card currently features title fights in the heavyweight, featherweight, and bantamweight divisions.Titan FC 33

This is the inaugural Mobile AeroFest and some may wonder how Titan FC got involved with this event. It all started with Titan FC COO Lex McMahon being on a board of directors with Mobile AeroFest founder David Glassman.

“I am on the board of directors of quite a few different military oriented non-profit organizations and one of those organizations is the A Hero Foundation,” McMahon told The MMA Report. “I am on the board with several other gentlemen, one of which is Lieutenant Colonel David Glassman.”

“He and his partner have a company called DigiPro Media, those does a lot of technology and web stuff. They actually have the contract for the Mobile Airport Authority. While doing some marketing work for them, there was this idea to create some awareness for the Mobile Aeroplex, which is Brookley Field, which use to be an airbase. Was the international airport of Mobile and is now a very large aerospace complex.”

McMahon went on to state that Mobile Aeroplex Executive Director Roger Wehner wanted to create awareness about how after the air force base closed down, and there was a period of depression in the community about the amount of jobs that were lost. The area is being revitalized with Airbus coming into the marker and Glassman called up McMahon about potentially doing a small music festival to help create awareness.

“He said listen, why don’t we do some sort of festival to create some awareness. From there, the idea of a doing a small music festival took flight. Glassman called me up and said ‘hey Lex, we got this opportunity and what do you think about getting involved?’ We started talking and I said listen, I got one better. Why don’t I bring Titan FC over, CBS Sports, and we will create some real awareness about this and putting it in 93 million homes.”

Mobile AeroFest has turned itself into a big music festival with forty bands including Big & Rich, Gary Sinise & The LT Dan Band, Cowboy Troy, and much more. The festival will take place on March 20 and 21 and the Titan FC 33 card will take place on the first night of the event. On the official poster of the fight card, you will notice that the main card broadcast on CBS Sports Network will begin at 10 p.m. CT and McMahon explained why the main card will start at this time.

“We are dealing with a little difficult thing called March Madness,” McMahon said. “So it was a balancing act. The 3/20 date was super important and so we had to get on that date. The negotiation with CBS, given March Madness, where they are hugely involved was to take a little bit of a later start time but we think it’s worth it.”

The current Titan FC 33: Night of Champions fight card is below.

Desmond Green (14-3) vs. Kurt Holobaugh (13-2) – FW Title Fight
Jon Madsen (8-1) vs. Chase Gormley (11-4, 1NC) – HW Title Fight
Walel Watson (13-7) vs. Brett Johns (10-0) – BW Title Fight
Cody Bollinger (17-3, 1NC) vs. Andre Harrison (8-0)
Anthony Gutierrez (5-1) vs. Austin Lyons (12-3)
Ben Brewer (10-2) vs. Keith Johnson (10-2)
Brian Davidson (12-4) vs. Estevan Payan (15-7, 1NC)
Belal Muhammad (6-0) vs. Colton Smith (3-4)
Elias Garcia (3-0) vs. Matt Schnell (5-2)
Bobby Cooper (11-4) vs. Le’Ville Simpson (5-1)
Robert Washington (18-9, 1NC) vs. Luciano dos Santos (10-6)