Joey Gomez is looking to add another first round victory to his record at CES MMA 28

Since turning professional in 2013, bantamweight Joey Gomez has shown to be an exciting and explosive fighters as he has gone undefeated with all of his victories coming in the first round by TKO/KO.

Via Gomez's Facebook
Via Gomez’s Facebook

Gomez (5-0) has won four of his fights in under two minutes and the longest fight of his career came in his second professional bout as he defeated Miguel Santos at the 4:26 mark of the opening round.

With all of his victories coming so quickly, does Gomez have the mindset to attempt to end the fight quickly? He stated on The MMA Report Live that he knows the quicker he finishes the fight, the quicker he can line up his next fight.

“Sometimes but then I remember how difficult fighting can be and I can glad that I can get in and get out,” Gomez said. “The fastest I can end the fight, the sooner I can return to training and the sooner I can fight again. Finishing fights in the first 25 seconds or the first 5 minutes is ok with me.”

If you were to look at his record, you may wonder if he may force a knockout to happen quickly instead of waiting for perfect opportunity. Gomez explained that he is not trying to force a knockout, but when he sees the opportunity, he goes in to finish the fight.

“I am never really forcing the knockout or the TKO. The opportunity just presents itself and I just pull the trigger. I hit really hard for my size and a lot of people in my weight class do not have the power that I have. It has worked for me so far. However, being patient is a huge part of my game plan and not emptying my gas tank to early is something we are always doing in practice. Again, being patient during sparring and fighting like I would in any kind of fight.”

He will look to remain undefeated at CES MMA 28 on March 13 in Rhode Island when he meets Kin Moy on the fight card that will air live on AXS TV. Moy’s only career defeat came in Bellator against Steve Garcia and he is coming off a first round victory in December against Fernando Perez. While he respects Moy,Gomez feels he has never seen the type of fighter that he is.

“Kin is a great guy and I respect him as a person and as a fighter. I do not think he has ever fought somebody with the same type of tenacity and the killer instinct that I have. I know he has fought some killers in there, but he has never fought a Joey Gomez. I know he is looking to push the pace and that is fine with me because I am going to match any type of speed he wants to go at. I definitely think the range, the reach, and the amount of power that I posses is really going to make things difficult for him to implement his game plan.”

Gomez has a style that fans like to watch and his message to the fans on why you should watch him fight, he is looking to end the fight quickly.

“Judging by my current track record, you know it going to be an explosive and a high pace fight. We are looking for that first round knockout.”