Titan FC 33’s Brett Johns: It’s another belt to add to the collection

Brett Johns is coming to the United States in March to face Walel Watson for the vacant Titan FC bantamweight title and he is planning to make a statement to everyone in the mixed martial arts community. Titan FC 33 Poster

The fighter out of Swansea, Wales made his professional debut in 2012 and his last four fights have come in Cage Warriors Fighting Championships.

Johns (10-0) is coming off a decision victory at Cage Warriors 67 in April of last year against James Brum and he is looking to add the Titan FC title to his collection of belts.

“I have a good record and fought some good guys,” Johns told The MMA Report. “I bet some fans would agree with me, I get very annoyed when a new fighter comes on a gets a title shot first fight. That is basically what happened to me. As a fighter from the other point of view, you are not going to turn a shot like that down. It’s another belt to add to the collection I guess.”

When he was offered the title fight against Watson, Johns admitted that he was a bit surprised and wasted no time in accepting the fight. When breaking down his upcoming opponent, Johns understands the strengths that Watson will bring to the cage at Titan FC 33.

“He has a very good ground game,” he said. “He is working with Eddie Bravo so he has a fantastic ground game. He is very durable and tough. He has got good kickboxing and I definitely think that this guy is going to be one of the toughest fights of my career. I am preparing for a war. I am preparing that fight is going to be the hardest of my career. If I get the early finish, it’s a bonus. If I don’t, that was the plan anyway. I am looking to put a statement on this fight. I have had three decisions in my last three fights. I am looking to get a finish this time.”

Titan FC 33 will mark the first time that Johns will fight in the United States. In fact, it will mark the first time he will fight somewhere that is not 50 miles from his home. How does he plan to adjust his training schedule to get his body ready for the time difference?

“The 15 fights that I got, I have slept in my own bed and I have weight cut in my own house. I have gone to weigh in and come back home. I do not get this option this time so that is the only difference here. I am going to be out there [United States] the week before hopefully. The time difference thing will be sorted out here in the beginning of March. I will do all of the time difference thing back home in the U.K. and I will be sparring at like 4 o’clock in the morning.”

Since Jeff Aronson purchased Titan FC last year, the promotion has proven to be a place that can lead to a contract offer from the UFC. This is one of the reasons that Johns decided to sign with Titan and the other reason was due to the amount of former UFC fighters in the promotion.

“I had these fights with Cage Warriors and I love the fights I had with Cage Warriors but there is not that guy on my record that said UFC veteran,” Johns explained. “There was not anybody in the division that was going to give me that. When I went to Titan, there is a range of UFC fighters there — Steven Siler just dropped down to 135 as well.”

“The first name was Walel Watson and I watched his fight against [Anthony] Gutierrez and I am thinking there are UFC level guys here. They are going to give me good fights and I am going to see what they give me. Dream come true, they give me Walel Watson first fight. My first fight I get a UFC veteran. I want to put on a statement and show the guys in the UFC they got their Irish guys, their English guys, they have their Scottish guys, but they are missing a Wales guys. I am the guy for that job.”