Amateur fighter Eryk Anders on future: Once you turn pro, there is no going back

Eryk Anders continued his winning ways recently as the former University of Alabama linebacker scored his 17th amateur victory has he won by knockout in under two minutes.

Photo via Ander's Facebook
Photo via Ander’s Facebook

This was his first fight in nearly seven months due to an injury and while he is happy with the victory, he knows he made mistakes in the fight.

“No matter what, I always think I could have done better,” Anders told The MMA Report. “This fight in particular. I have a lot going on now and it had been about seven months since I fought due to an injury. I made a few mistakes and I could have done a lot better.”

Prior to the fight, Anders told The MMA Report that he continues to talk to his team about when to turn professional. He knows this is an important decision as there is no turning back once you take your first professional fight. At this time, the decision to turn pro has not been made, but that decision could be coming soon.

“We kind of talk about it a little bit yesterday,” he said. “There are some things my coach Chris Conley wants to clean up because once you turn pro, there is no going back. You do not want to turn pro with holes in your game. We are going to tighten some things up and hopefully by the end of the spring, we will get that first professional fight out of the way.”

Anders wants to stay busy whether his next fight is at amateur or professional. The time frame of his next fight will be based on the weight class and his next fight will most likely be at middleweight since that is the weight class he plans to fight as a pro.

“It does not matter to me,” Anders said. “I do not like a whole lot of time off. I am ready to fight. Right now, the main thing is the weight. If I am fighting at 185, I need a little bit longer to diet down and make the weight. If I am fighting at 205, I could fight Saturday if I wanted to. It just depends on the weight class. I think Chris Conley wants me to take a middleweight fight because when I turn pro, that is what I will be fighting at. I agree with that and it take a little longer to get to 185 so I just needed a little bit of notice. The sooner, the better.”