Desmond Green on losing Titan FC title: I will not get caught in this position again

Desmond Green was unable to retain the Titan FC featherweight title one week ago as he lost a decision to Kurt Holobaugh in the main event of Titan FC 33.

Jason Floyd - The MMA Report
Jason Floyd – The MMA Report

The defeat last Friday night in Mobile, Alabama was the first time Green suffered a defeat in Titan FC and being around his children has helped him keep his mind off the fight with Holobaugh.

“The past couple of days have been cool,” Green stated on The MMA Report Live. “The first couple of days after the fight, I was upset. I have been chilling with the kids and just trying to take my mind off things. I am not going to dwell on it to long — get back into the gym right away. After these next couple of weeks home, it’s back to Montreal, get to training, and get that belt back.”

Once Green got back home to New York from Alabama, he immediately watched the fight and feels that he did enough to walk away with the victory.

“Prior to me watching the fight, I really thought I won the fight,” he said. “I have only seen the first three rounds so far because that is all that recorded because it went over on the TV time. I till feel like — I did not see the fourth and fifth, but I feel like I won the first and the third round definitely and I feel like I definitely won the fourth. It’s one of those things. It’s going to make me better and it hurts a lot, but I will get over it.”

When a fighter is defeated in a fight, they may just look at the negatives in what happened. For Green, he is looking at the positives and vows to not allow this situation to ever happen again.

“This is actually a positive for me because I am going to take so much from it. It’s going to unleash an inner animal. Now, I am not going to leave it up to the judges. From now on, I am going to go out there to solely to impose my will and finish the guy or make sure there is no question. I am not going to go out there and be crazy. From now on, everything is decisive. I will mix in my takedowns more. I will not get caught in this position again.”

Green would like to get the taste of this defeat out of his mind and would like to return quickly. While Titan FC has not announced the date for their next event, Green has heard it will be May 22nd. He wants to be on that card and does not care who it’s against at featherweight.

“I am going to be honest with you and I am not trying to gloat, but I already know that Kurt probably does not want to fight me immediately so he would not take the fight on May 22nd. Me on the other hand, I am hungry and I need to get back in that cage. I text Jeff [Aronson] and I told him, ‘May 22nd, I need to be on that card against whoever.’ It really does not matter. Whoever it’s at 145, I will fight them May 22nd and the following card, even if it’s a month later. I am calling out a rematch. May 22nd, it’s whoever as I just want to get back in there.”