Titan FC 33’s Adam Nijem biggest lesson from Titan debut was not getting emotional in the fight

The professional mixed martial arts career of Adam Nijem began last year and both of his career victories have come by stoppage.Titan FC 33 Poster

After winning his professional debut in Showdown Fights, he was signed by Titan and defeated Gabriel Carrillo in his promotional debut in September by TKO in the second round.

In an interview that will air on tomorrow’s edition of The MMA Report Live, Nijem stated that the biggest lesson he learned in his Titan FC debut was that he can not get emotional in a fight.

“My last fight, I did get slightly emotional once I got hit in there,” Nijem said. “That is one thing I have worked on from that fight to this fight. Just not getting emotional. Working along side veterans like my brother Ramsey, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and Nick Diaz. All of the guys I train with on a day to day basis. They have shown me the light and how to take the approach to the fight. Even if you are getting hit. Even if you are getting dropped or anything like that. I am really excited to go into this fight with a lot better of a mental game with this next fight.”

Next Friday night, Nijem will look to remain undefeated as he takes on Marcus Edwards on the preliminary card. Both fighters are known as aggressive fighters and according to Nijem, an advantage for him in the fight will be the lack of tape out there on him.

“That is always one thing that as a younger guy, signing with a bigger promotion like Titan is going to kind of work in my favor,” he said. “A lot of people are not going to be able to watch my tendencies. Watch what I do well at. What I do bad at. I think it’s a little bit of an advantage but if you also look at my amateur career, I was 4-1 and the amateur fights a lot of times are not too different than professional MMA bouts. I look at myself as 6-1. I would say my record is not to far off from his. I am just excited to get in there and show everyone — give some people some tape to watch me. Really show people what I can do.”

When Nijem looks at his opponent, he knows what he will bring to the cage next Friday night in Mobile, Alabama. While he respects his opponents abilities, he believes that he is better than Edwards in every situation.

“Mainly, when I look at Marcus fight — I see his standup. I see his wrestling and his jiu-jitsu. I feel confident in every aspect that I am a lot better in every situation. I watched a couple of films on him, nothing to much. Every situation I just know that when I am performing at my best and maybe not at my best, I am just performing that’s when I know that I am going to be better than him. I am excited to get in there and show the world. I have felt that I have not been able to show off my skills yet in any of my fights and I have shown little bits of pieces of it but I fell this is the most complete Adam Nijem that everyone is going to see. I am just really excited to show it.”