While he can not go into details, big things are happening for undefeated bantamweight Joey Gomez

Joey Gomez has quickly become a name in the mixed martial arts community as the fighter out of New Hampshire has gone 6-0 in his professional career and all of the wins have come by TKO/KO in the first round.

Via Gomez's Facebook
Via Gomez’s Facebook

His most recent win came just over a week ago as he defeated Kin Moy by TKO in 89 seconds at CES MMA 28 in Rhode Island.

Five of his six wins have come in under two minutes and during this past Friday’s The MMA Report Live, Gomez discussedĀ his quick victory over Moy.

“At this point, it has happen so many times that it’s not really about visualizing it or wanting to end it that way,” Gomez said. “I just say an opportunity to hit him as hard as I could in the chin and I took it. It’s not like I was expecting it because every time you knock somebody out — one you barely feel it and two, it surprises you every time.”

While he was able to finish Moy quickly at CES MMA 28, Gomez has not happy with his performance. The mainĀ reason why he was not thrilled with his performance is due to the kicks that Moy was able to land early.

“Actually, I am not happy with my performance at all,” Gomez explained. “Kin came out with a good solid gameplan and notifying my reach with his kicks. In practice, I check kicks all the time. I have been doing Muay Thai for going on nine years now and I never get my leg chopped up like that. He was doing exactly what he needed to do. He waited for my feet to plant as I was throwing and instead of countering with punches, he was countering with kicks.”

“I knew what he was doing, but I was so focused on trying to hit him hard that I played into his game. You don’t see that. He kicks me and I was like, I am not scared to kick. I am going to kick you back. As a little bit of time passed by, I heard my corner say stop kickboxing and throw your hands, long punches. As soon as I did, I threw the jab as a faint to try to get him to bite, which he did. He showed me the side of his face and I threw the right straight down the pipe.”

With an undefeated record and all of his victories coming by TKO/KO in the first round, what is next for Gomez? While he could not go into details, he stated that “big things” are happening for him and his fight career.

“Big things are happing right now and unfortunately, I am not able to talk about them but for right now, we are going to take a little bit of time off as far as competing. However, I have already started training again. My first day back to training was Tuesday. I am right back at it. I am grinding away. Chipping away and I am trying to get better. Big things are happening and I will leave it at that.”

When a fighter says “big things” are happening right now, it gives you the perception that the fighter could have a new home and the promotion goes by three significant letters in this sport. Only time will tell if Gomez’s next fight takes place in that promotion.