Clay Guida: Without wrestling, mixed martial arts would not be a sport

UFC veteran Clay Guida scored a decision win over Robbie Peralta on the main card of UFC Fight Night 63 and he improved his record to 3-2 in the UFC featherweight division.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The victory forĀ Guida is his eleventh career win by decision and not every fan may enjoy the style that Guida brings to the cage.

In the post fight press conference, Guida was asked about the fans that do not enjoy the wrestling style he brings to the cage and he has a message for those fans.

“Without wrestling, mixed martial arts would not be a sport. NCAA runner up, finalist — without wrestling, it would not be here,” Guida said. “With out jiu-jitsu, there would be no mixed martial arts. It’s not always the most exciting all the times and my fights are very sloppy. Not very technical by any means, but we are always on the gas pedal. We are always on the throttle and we do not let up. That is the thing.”

“All of these college wrestlers — not all of them are on the Olympic level. After they graduate, they want to try something else. They try MMA and studs like this try it out. They know they can make a living out of it and not everyone is going to be an Olympic champ and a million dollar check after it. I guess being an exciting wrestler helps but it all starts with the oldest sport that we almost lost a couple of years ago.”

“Shame on those fans and I hope they get more educated. We have seven or eight weight classes and probably five or six of them are wrestlers that are holding the belts right now. I think there is a lot to be said about that.”

During his post fight interview in the octagon with Jon Anik, Guida mentioned the potential in going back to the lightweight division and making a run at the title currently held by Rafael dos Anjos. Guida defeated Dos Anjos at UFC 117 in 2010 when he broke the jaw of the current champion. While Guida is not committing to a return to the lightweight division, he is interested in potentially taking fights in the 155 pound division.

“It kind of mix emotions, bitter sweet,” Guida said. “We beat those guys and they were not at the top at that time. I was not at the top at the time. We are always gaining ground. He [Dos Anjos] was actually smart to use my recipe for success against [Anthony] Pettis. It wasn’t a brilliant one, but it happened to work. I did it for 15 minutes, he did it for 25. Kudos to him. It was awesome, he looked great. He is a hard worker.”

“Like I said, if he needs a little readjustment into that piece of titanium in his jaw or a remodeling, I am a carpenter. Anytime he is ready — Pettis, there is a long list. I had a lot of fun up at 55 and I will go back and fourth. Like Chad [Mendes] said, if the money is right, the opponent is right, and the fans wants to see good fights, then put me in there. Let’s get something on paper. It’s still too soon.”

“Sean Shelby was already sweating me early and saying are you going to 55 or what. Going to 45 or what are you doing. It’s interesting and we will go anywhere. I am undersize at 55 and I am skinny at 45. Happy at 55, but he have fun down there to. I am pretty much up for whatever and I just want to go fishing.”