Michael Bisping: I am going to knock C.B. Dollaway out and I am not going to try to turn this into a cuddling match

The UFC 186 fight card in two weeks took another blow yesterday when Bellator was granted an injunction against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson from fighting at the UFC event on April 25th.UFC 186

While the UFC has not officially announced the new co-main event, it’s expected that the middleweight bout between Michael Bisping and C.B. Dollaway will be moved into the slot on the fight card.

Following the news of the injunction against Rampage, Rick J. Lee caught up with Bisping to get his thoughts on Rampage and Dollaway.

“I just read this morning that Rampage is not going to be able to fight on the card as of right now,” Bisping said. “That is a shame. It’s a big blow to UFC 186. With that said, there is still a fantastic card. We have one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world Demetrious Johnson. The flyweight title is on the line and of course myself taking on C.B. Dollaway.”

“I am going out there to absolutely electrify Montreal. The people of Montreal paid and they will get what they paid for, which is to see a spectacular fight and none other than C.B. Dollaway being left place down first on the floor. That is what everyone wants to see. They want a knockout and they are going to get a knockout.”

When it comes to Dollaway’s fighting style, Bisping (25-7) knows the type of fighter he will be meeting in two weeks. He knows that Dollaway is a wrestler that does have knockout power. “The Count” wants to put on a show for the fans in Montreal and give them what they want, a knockout.

“C.B. likes to grapple. He is a wrestler, so he is going to look to take me down. Obviously, that is an area that I have been paying a bit of attention too. I have good takedown defense. I have always had that but it has certainly got better the last year I have been in Reign Training Center and working with great wrestlers. Mark Munoz and Patrick Cummins to name a few. I am not concerned with that. He is a big middleweight. He has some good knockout power. He has some knockouts on his resume, but that is my thing and that is what I like to do.

“I am going to go out there and give people what they paid to see, which is a great fight. I am going to knock him out. I am not going to try to turn this into a cuddling match. C.B. Dollaway after two minutes into this fight is going to think, ‘oh s–t, I can’t win this fight. Let’s try to hump him to death on the floor.’ I on the flip side, will be putting these fist right threw his face as hard as I can and repeatedly. As many times as it takes for him to fall down and the referee says stop.”