The Ultimate Fighter 21 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21 premiered on Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1 and began with American Top Team’s Michael Graves talking with his teammates about his decision defeat against Kamaru Usman.TUF 21

Hayder Hassan and Usman began to have a conversation in the house kitchen and Hassan made it clear that he would be interested in facing him at some point. Usman talked to his teammates about Hassan’s comments inside their team van and Hassan did the same with his teammates in their van.

At the American Top Team gym, the coaches discussed who would be fighting for them next and they chose Uros Jurisic. For the Blackzilians, they chose Luiz Buscape to fight next and they explained to the entire team why Buscape was fighting next.

After an afternoon training session at the gym, the Blackzilians held a night time practice back at the house which was led by Tyrone Spong. The practice got heated when Usman did not believe Jason Jackson was doing the drill correctly that Spong was instructing them to do. Usman ended up storming out of the room and eventually ended up coming back to the practice after calming down. The fighters talked about what happened and everything was back to normal for them.

At the weight-ins, Jurisic and Buscape learn they will be facing each other. Both fighters made weight at 170 pounds and once again, things get heated between Dan Lambert and Glenn Robinson. Lambert says to Robinson, “what’s with the tough guy look? The make-up artist would kick your ass. You are the most unathletic┬áperson in the room.” Robinson would speak his mind to Lambert before the show went to a commercial break.

Following the weight-ins, Jurisic and Buscape go through final preparations before their fight. Buscape goes through a session in the cage with Spong with Jurisic sits down with all of the American Top Team coaches to discuss what to expect from Buscape.

With all of the preparations done, the fight took place at the Blackzilian gym due to Usman’s win last week. As the referee starts the fight, both fighters charge toward the center of the cage and begin exchanging. Buscape went for a takedown and Jurisic went for a guillotine. Buscape was able to get out of the potential submission and had top position on the ground. He would be able to stay in top position for majority of the round and the fight moved into the second round.

The second round opened up much different than the opening round as both guys were patient with their attacks. Jurisic looked for a takedown against the fence and Buscape was able to score his own takedown. Unlike what happened in the opening round, Jurisic was able to get back to his feet with under four minutes left in the round. Buscape was able to time the punches of Jurisic and get the fight back to the ground. Jurisic would eventually work his way back to his feet but Buscape still had his arms wrapped around him, which led to another takedown. The reminder of the fight would be on the mat and Buscape would walk away with a decision victory.

With the win by Buscape, the Blackzilian’s get another 25 points and are now up 50-0. In addition, the Blackzilian’s retain home gym advance as the third fight will come from their gym next week.