Anthony Johnson explains why he feels Daniel Cormier is a tougher opponent than Jon Jones

The vacant UFC light heavyweight title will be on the line next Saturday night in Las Vegas as Anthony Johnson meets Daniel Cormier for the 205 pound title that was recently stripped from Jon Jones due to an incident that happened outside of the octagon.UFC 187

Since this fight was announced two weeks ago, the mixed martial community has debated about Jones being stripped of the title. In addition, people have talked about whether they consider the matchup between Johnson and Cormier to be for the real title.

During the UFC 187 media conference call, Johnson was asked if he was disappointed that he was no longer fighting Jones for the title.

“Jon is my eyes is still the pound for pound best fighter in the world in our weight class,” Johnson said. “Everyone in our weight class wants to be able to say I competed against the best and fought the champ. That is the part that is disappointing because he is not around right now but the part that is not disappointing is that I get to fight another elite athlete. A guy in my opinion that is actually a tougher fight for me than Jon Jones. DC is a grinder and he brings it. This is his second chance so I know that he is going to bring it even more. I think this is a good thing for everybody at the end of the day because you have two guys that are hungry to get the belt and that is what it’s about.”

This is not the first time that Johnson has done an interview and stated that he felt Cormier was a tougher opponent. He was asked to expand on why he felt Cormier was a tougher opponent and he mentions several things including this being Cormier’s second chance at the title.

“Right now I feel that he is more difficult because this is his second opportunity at a title shot. He is going to bring everything he can bring to win the title. People get second chances in life and this is his second chance. Just like this is my second chance in life when I returned to the UFC. You see what has happened so far as far as me. Starting from the bottom and basically working my way to the top. Well DC was already at the top and he did not reach his goal that he set out to reach with the title shot against Jon.”

“Now, he has another chance and it just going to be a tougher fight. I expect that and I know that. I am a wrestler at heart and Daniel is a wrestler at heart so I know what it takes to be at this level. When you get a chance, you have to definitely hop on it. We are a little crazy because we are wrestlers. It’s going to be one of those fights that I assume an all out war. You will get to see everything. Daniel has power, speed, good technique, and his wrestling is top notched.”

“For me, that is great and for him that is great. To me, he is just going to be a tougher opponent. He might be shorter than me, but the dude packs a lot of power. Jon is not known for packing power. He is known for doing crazy kicks, using his range or reach. DC is just that guy. I truly believe that. To me, it makes it of a difficult fight but that is what I look forward to.”