Anthony Johnson: It’s just a fight, I get to punch somebody different so I’m happy about that

Anthony Johnson is just a few days away from literally the biggest fight of his life. Yet, listening to him speak, one would never deduce that a title fight is just around the corner.UFC 187

When asked about feeling any sort pressure, Rumble downplays the notion saying “It’s just a fight. It’s just a fight, I get to punch somebody different so I’m happy about that but that’s about it.”

The one aspect of the fight that Johnson did acknowledge would be difficult is the switch in opponent to Daniel Cormier, if only because this is Cormier’s second shot at the title.

“I mean it because this is DC’s second chance. When people get second chances, they tend to go a little bit harder. The fact that I expect that, it doesn’t surprise me with anything that he brings.”

Recently, most people have been in awe of Johnson’s power now that he has bulked up to light heavyweight. When asked if he thought his new opponent respected his power, Johnson replied, “I think he does. He has no choice actually because if it doesn’t than he’ll go to sleep.”

“People haven’t had the chance to see everything that I have to offer, I usually knock people out,” Johnson said. “If somebody wants to wrestle with me, that’s fine. At this point in my career, I am able to handle myself in every category.”

Saturday night in Las Vegas, with the title on the line, Johnson has the chance to bring his comeback story full circle. And it appears as though he could not be more at ease with what is to come.