Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino: I don’t want Ronda Rousey’s belt, I just want to fight her

It’s telling when excitement for a potential fight has survived not only years, but also promotions.

Photo via Tito Ortiz's Twitter (@TitoOrtiz)
Photo via Tito Ortiz’s Twitter (@TitoOrtiz)

Ever since Ronda Rousey won the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title back in 2012, there’s been a real expectation for a fight between Rousey and 145 pound champ Cristiane Justino.

It’s the kind of fight that would supersede any female fight in terms of anticipation, and it would define the legacy of both fighters.

Now, it’s 2015. With Jon Jones indefinitely suspending, Rousey is the UFC’s biggest star – a champion once again at 135 pounds. As for Justino? She’s currently in Invicta with a expected fight in July, but she still hasn’t lost sight of a potential clash with Rousey.

“I’m ready for this fight [Rousey],” Justino said on UFC Tonight last night. “When she was in Strikeforce, I wanted to make the fight. I try 100 percent to make 135. It’s annoying. I want to fight her.”

One of the biggest obstacles that’s stood in the way of the proposed match-up is the weight. Justino’s made a career at 145, while Rousey refuses to cater from a weight standpoint to any potential challengers when she is the champion. For Justino, finding a weight to fight Rousey may no longer be an issue.

“All fighters want to be champ in the UFC,” Justino said. “I think for now it’d be great to see me and Ronda fight. I don’t want her belt. I just want to fight her. Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140.”