Mark Cherico: Victory at Pinnacle FC 10 means more than any of my other wins

In life, there is going to be step backs and it’s how you come back from those step backs that show what type of person you are.

Photo via Cherico's Facebook
Photo via Cherico’s Facebook

Mark Cherico had his step back come in November of last year when he suffered his first career defeat against Brian Kelleher in a catchweight bout of 138 pounds.

He returned less than two weeks ago at Pinnacle FC 10 and successfully defended the promotions featherweight title as he scored his 2nd career TKO/KO win with a 2nd Round victory against Darby Halferty.

“I think this one means more than any of my wins,” Cherico told The MMA Report. “To be able to come back from a lost and being so close to getting that call to the UFC. Being able to come back in a strong way. Win and get a finish. It means a lot to me.”

Every fighter will have different emotions heading into a fight following their first career defeat. For Cherico, he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders heading into the fight and he is extremely happy for that feeling to be gone.

“I kind of felt I had the world on my shoulders since the lost,” he said. “I called my wife up to the cage after the fight and saying that to her. I felt the weight on the world was on off my shoulders. I really did not feel the pressure during that particular fight. All of the months leading up to it. The little lagging injuries that kept me from fighting back in January and March. To get all of that off my shoulders felt great.”

With the victory over Halferty in the books, Cherico is going to take some time off from training to let his body recover from his training camp and the fight. He will use this time off to take his family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s literally going to be at least two weeks before I do anything,” Cherico explained. “I am enjoying this week, taking it off and going to see a chiropractor and a masseuse. Going to see a rehab doctor to get some therapy for my knee. Then next week we are going on vacation to Disney World and just enjoy some family time. Then I will come back and get ready for a fight.”

Once he is back from his vacation, he will get right back into a training camp as he is scheduled to be on the King of the Cage show on July 11 in Washington, Pennsylvania. That event will come from The Meadows Racetrack Casino and a win on that night could be the fight that ends up getting Cherico a call from the UFC.