Michael Chiesa: I’ll beat up any cheater at 155, line ’em up

Prior to the action kicking off in Australia for UFC Fight Night 65, Michael Chiesa, Alistair Overeem, Jessica Eye and Jon Anik took questions from Australian fans at a UFC Fight Club Q&A.

Caleb Guy
Caleb Guy

Now, as is the case for the majority of these fan Q&A sessions, the questions were sub-optional – the highlight may have been a magician showing everyone a decent card trick.

Aside from the magic, the other highlight from the Q&A was when a fan asked the fighters about drug testing in MMA, and it was Michael Chiesa who had a forthright response.

“I think the emphasis [on testing] should be on performance enhancing drugs,” Chiesa said at the Q&A. “Absolutely. This needs to be a fair sport.”

Chiesa would go on to talk about how PED use in MMA has forced to fight at lightweight.

“I’m a big 55er. If was step on the scale right now,” Chiesa said as he stepped on the scale [this was right before the UFN 65 weigh-ins] and weighed 195 pounds. “The reason why I’m telling you this is I would love to save my body, and I would love to go to 170. But the fact of the matter is, [with] the guys that cheat at the higher weight class, there’s nothing I can do to impose my technique.”

“Physical dominance can overcome technique sometimes, so I have to cut the extra fifteen pounds because I’ll beat up any cheater at 155. Line ’em up.”