CES MMA 29’s Tyler King: I am going to win by whatever presents itself

Ultimate Fighter 19 participant Tyler King will be looking for his third straight win on Friday night at CES MMA 29 in Lincoln, Rhode Island as he will meet Greg Rebello on the main card broadcast on AXS TV.Rebello and King

King (9-2) is coming off a decision win against Bellator veteran Mike Mucitelli at CES MMA 28 in March and he was actually a short notice replacement in the bout when Rebello had to pull out of the fight with an injury.

In the fight against Mucitelli, King had to change his gameplan in the moments seconds of the fight when he suffered an injury. He would be able to battle through the injury in the fight to get the victory and the injury only keep him out of the gym for two weeks.

On the most recent edition of The MMA Report Live, King discussed the different type of fight that Rebello will bring to the cage on Friday night than what he say in March against Mucitelli.

“It’s been a great training camp and Greg is a completely different opponent than Mike Mucitelli,” King said. “When you look at Mucitelli and you are looking at a guy that wants to basically just drag you to the ground to use jiu-jitsu. Obviously in the fight with him, that strategy back fired on him. Greg is basically a junk yard dog. He is going to fight you as hard as he can anywhere and he is really known as a Muay-Thai striker. I have definitely been preparing and drilling for the type of fight Greg is going to bring to me.”

For King, what is the tougher fight? The type of fight that Mucitelli or Rebello brings to the cage?

“They all of their difficulties or obstacles,” he explained. “I cam comfortable wherever the fight goes. If we are standing, I am comfortable with it. If we are on the ground, I am comfortable. If we are in the clinch, I am comfortable. This is one of those fights that it’s going to be brutal. Both of us are coming in there and want to put on a show. We both want to do some damage and looking at this either way, it’s going to be a great fight and an entertaining fighter either way.”

On Friday night, King wants to show the fans that there is more to him than what they saw in March against Mucitelli. He was unable to showcase all of his skills in that fight and he wants to put on a show against Rebello. Furthermore, he plans to win by whatever comes his way in the fight.

“I am going to win by whatever presents itself. However I want, whenever I want.”