Eric Spicely is already back in the gym and will be ready if a call from the UFC comes

Last week rising middleweight Eric Spicely improved his undefeated record to 7-0 with a armbar submission victory over a game Harley Beekman at CES MMA 29.

Photo via Spicely's Facebook
Photo via Spicely’s Facebook

Spicely’s first round victory made it the sixth straight time that he has finished an opponent in the initial frame, but he was looking to finish as early as possible.

“I almost had him finished in the first thirty seconds,” Spicely told The MMA Report. “It would have been nice if I beat the number one guy very easily like that, but I can still live with a first round finish later on in the round.”

Spicely got the tap with just 30 seconds left in the period – making his 7th victory inside the promotion since his debut in 2013. Overall, it was a tremendous outing from Spicely.

“I joke around with myself [about not finishing it in the first thirty seconds],” Spicely said. “It went perfect, that was my gameplan. Everything went 100% flawless. I took no damage and got to get up and train the next day.”

Moving forward, Spicely is already itching to compete once again.

“I’m trying to stay as active as possible,” Spicely said. “I already went back to training the next day. I’m going to train tonight and spar. Right now, we’re at the point where we have to stay ready all the time and be able to make weight within a couple of weeks.”

And the middleweight is maintaining his skills and conditioning in case the UFC comes calling.

“A big opportunity like the UFC calling, if you turn it down because you’ve just been eating too many donuts or whatever, it’s just not a good look,” Spicely said. “It might be a long time before they call again, so you want to be able to take it. Which is also why you see a lot of these guys take fights and then pass out in the sauna or get hurt while cutting weight, and they can’t fight anyway because they’re just trying to cut too much weight,”

Spicely would go on to talk about lessons learned from a teammate’s loss, a fellow MMA fighters recent mishaps in the lead-up to his UFC fight and much more on his appearance on The MMA Report Live.