Kurt Holobaugh does not view Andre Harrison as a finisher and believes pressure will be key to victory

Kurt Holobaugh became the Titan FC featherweight champion in March when he defeated Desmond Green by split decision and he will be making his first title defense in two weeks when he faces Andre Harrison at Titan FC 34.Titan FC 34

The victory over Green was a close decision to many people in the mixed martial arts community and the entire Green camp believes they won that fight. For Holobaugh, he knows that he won that fight and admitted to The MMA Report that he was not satisfied with his performance in that fight.

Holobaugh (14-2) will look for a more satisfying performance in two weeks when he meets an undefeated opponent. Harrison has won both of his fights in Titan FC by unanimous decision and his most recent win came at Titan FC 33 against Cody Bollinger. When asked to compare Harrison to Green, the current Titan FC champion sees a fighter that comes at you more.

“I think he comes at you a little more. I looked at him a little bit at the last show when he fought on the same card as me and Desmond,” Holobaugh said. “I watched his fight with Bollinger and he does throw a little more hands. He is a pretty good kickboxer and tries to mix in his striking with his wrestling. I think it’s going to be a good matchup.”

Every fighter will go into a fight and will explain how the fight is more about them and not about their opponent. However, every fighter knows what their opponent is dangerous at. When it comes to Harrison, Holobaugh knows he needs to stay off his back in this fight and avoid the elbows of Harrison.

“He has some pretty good ground and pound. So probably, I got to keep him from taking me to down and hitting me with some big elbows on the ground,” he explained. “Once again in this fight, I do not think Andre Harrison is a finisher so I am not worried at all about being finished in the fight. I got to stay off my back and put the pressure on him.”

When Holobaugh defeated Green in March, many people felt that he would be getting a call from the UFC. However, that call did not happen and this is why he took this fight with Harrison. Holobaugh feels that getting a finish in this fight will lead to getting a call from the UFC.

“I think a finish is the ultimate statement. Whether it comes in the first or fifth round. That is the statement that I am looking to make. I call myself a fight finisher. How can I keep calling myself a fight finisher if I win by decision? I think I only have three decisions including the last fight. I do not think I ever had back to back decisions and I am not going to let it start now.”

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