Vince Eazelle plans to make Desmond Green fight him at Titan FC 34 on Saturday

When Vince Eazelle steps into the Titan FC cage on Saturday night, it will have been ten months since his last fight and will be looking to secure his ninth straight win when he meets former Titan FC featherweight champion Desmond Green.

Fight Fhoto - Richard Fazi Falzone
Fight Fhoto – Richard Fazi Falzone

The last ten months have seen fights fall apart for Eazelle and he tried out for The Ultimate Fighter 22. He made it to the final rounds of cuts for the reality show, but he was unable to make the cast of the show.

A victory over Green could end up being the victory that gets him to the UFC. While that is great to say, Eazelle (9-1) only has one thought on his mind. Which is to get a victory against Green and score his tenth career victory.

Green is a fighter that a majority of hardcore mixed martial art fans are familar with. He was featured in two Bellator featherweight tournaments and became the Titan FC champion last year before losing the title in March against Kurt Holobaugh. A perception people may have about Green is that he is a wrestler. However, Eazelle views him as a well-rounded fighter.

“A lot of people say that Desmond Green is more of a wrestler, which I do not see,” Eazelle told The MMA Report. “I see that he is a good wrestler, but he is well rounded. He presents problems for anyone he comes up against. He is definitely someone I am training hard for and studying tape. I am not going to take him lightly anywhere in the fight. I am not just going to say that I am going to demolish him in the standup.”

“I am going to press the issue but be intelligent in what I do. When it’s take to go, I am going to press it. You have to be intelligent. Feel him out and see what he is going to do. See the holes and see what we can capitalize on. If it goes to the ground, I will apply what I know there. Just like he is well prepared, I am well prepared. It does not matter where we go in the fight, I am going to have an answer.”

After watching multiple fights of Green, he knows what to expect. He knows he is going to face someone who is going to move around and he plans to make Green fight him on one side of the cage.

“I am not worried about forcing anything,” Eazelle stated. “He is going to come and move around a lot. I move around a lot so I think that everyone will see me match that movement. I have been working on cutting off the cage and stalking him. But stalking him in an educated way to where I am not jump or force something or get caught by something. I am going to keep my base. I am going to keep my distance. I am going to work him to one side of the cage and make him fight me.”