Undefeated prospect Peter Barnett returns tonight and understands one punch can change the tide of a fight

The seed of being a mixed martial artist was planted awhile ago for Cage Titan FC 25’s Peter Barrett and he will look to remain undefeated tonight when he meets Steve McCabe in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Crossface Productions
Crossface Productions

Barrett wrestled throughout high school and towards the end of his college career, he started to train jiu-jitsu and has not looked back since.

Coming up tonight, he will face a veteran in the sport. While McCabe may not have the best record, Barrett knows he needs to take the appropriate steps to get other fighters to take fights against him.

“With him, he is another journeymen,” Barrett told The MMA Report. I am young in my career and I can’t necessarily get the fights I want because the other guys have to much to lose. We just have been planning and taking the necessary steps to get me ready and take down the 4-0, 5-0, 7-2, and 6-1 records. I need that timeline in my belt to make it worth them to fight me I guess.”

Tonight will be the first fight for Barrett since November. The lack of fight opportunities and injury played a role in why he has been out of action and he is ready to showcase everything he has been working on in the gym.

“It’s been since November and I banged out three fights in six months right when I turned pro. I like to stay active and stay fighting. The easiest way to stay on top of everything is to not take a break. For me to be this dormant for this long, I can not wait to walk up those steps and get into the cage. It’s when I feel the most alive.”

Barrett is not taking McCabe lightly in this fight and understands that one punch can change the fight. His goal is always to walk out of the fight injury free and score a decisive victory.

“I am not taking him lightly,” Barrett said. “He just won his last fight by first round submission. He has been at it awhile and you can not discredit anybody that has been doing it this long. That is another beauty of this sport. One punch can really change the tide of a fight.”

Barrett is hoping to get at least one more fight this year. If he continues to score stoppage victories in the first round, it may not be that much longer before we see him in a promotion like UFC, Bellator, or the World Series of Fighting.