For Andre Harrison, there is one downside to fighting at Titan FC 35 on September 19

On September 19th, Titan FC’s top two featherweights will collide as undefeated featherweight champion Andre Harrison will defend his title against former champion Desmond Green in the co-main event of Titan FC 35.

Titan FC
Titan FC

Harrison is certainly excited to fight in one of the event’s feature bouts, but there is one negative. The date, September 19th, falls on an very important day. It’s the week of his daughter’s birthday.

“That’s the only downside to fighting this particular week,” Harrison said on The MMA Report Live. “To be missing her birthday and everything, but I’ll just fly straight from Ridgefield, Washington and head right over to [home].”

And while Harrison is upset about the scheduling, surely his daughter is as well. The good thing for Harrison is that he’s a negotiator.

“I conned her a little bit,” Harrison said. “I told her, ‘Listen baby, daddy has to work.’ So she said, ‘Daddy’s going to be punching?’ And I said, ‘Yup’, and she was like, ‘Alright well you can bring me candy and you can bring me a teddy bear.'”

Although the potential candy is unknown, Harrison does have a meaningful idea of what kind of teddy bear he’ll gift his daughter.

“My favorite superhero is the Hulk, and so she relates everything like green to the Hulk and she relates all of that to me,” Harrison said. “Lately, she’s been on a little kick where she has Hulk stickers all over her body and all this other stuff, so I was thinking about going to Build-A-Bear and getting a She-Hulk doll and giving it to her. I think she’d like that.”

With that settled, Harrison also has to settle a particular fight with a tough opponent in Desmond Green.

“I definitely think that he’s evolved,” Harrison said. “I think he’s getting more and more well-rounded. I think he’s looking to mix up his strikes and everything like that. That’s all great. I think he’s a tough individual. In my opinion, I’m just a better fighter. If I wasn’t a competitor, I wouldn’t feel like this, but I am a competitor.”

Aside from that competitor mindset, Harrison’s confidence also comes from his recent wins and day-to-day improvement in his own game.

“I would say the main thing that makes me different right now is my confidence and development over the years,” Harrison said. “Doing anything over and over, there’s going to be little things that you may not necessarily get right away or may not understand right away. Every discipline is so, so different, so certain techniques are just not going to click well because you’ve doing else for so long.”

“For me, a lot of things have just clicked. I’ve said this countless, countless times, and I know a lot of people say it. I’m sure a lot of people do it. You can guarantee that I’m always in the gym. I’m always training, whether I have a fight or not. It does not matter.”