Marc Godeker: I am going to make sure the fans walk away saying ‘god damn, that was a good fight’

Marc Godeker will be looking to snap a three fight losing streak tomorrow night at Shamrock FC: Fuel when he meets Kevin Hahn on the fight card coming from the River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.Shamrock FC FUEL

The professional mixed martial arts career of Godeker (2-4) began in 2013 and all of his fights have come in Shamrock FC. Both of his wins have come by submission and he describes himself as a fighter that wants to get the fight to the ground, instead of having a striking battle.

Prior to coming to mixed martial arts, Godeker was a professional wrestler. While you may think his nickname of “Oh My” came from his professional wrestling days, it did not.

“I did professional wrestling for a long time and I never use a nickname,” Godeker told The MMA Report recently. “I got into MMA and I decided it was time for a nickname. Honestly, by the way I look, that is what fans say when they see me come to the cage. Oh my.”

A cliché we tend to hear in this sport is about why a fighter decided to make this their profession. For Godeker, he competes in professional mixed martial arts for fun and has no long term plans to make a career out of being a fighter.

“It’s something I like to do for fun. I am not trying to make some elaborate career of it or anything,” he explained. “I just enjoy getting into the cage. Honestly, the best part about it is the fan interaction. I love entertaining.”

When Godeker steps into the cage tomorrow night, he will be looking for his first win since October of 2013. While many fighters may go back on their defeats to see what they need to improve, Godeker looks at it in a different way.

“To be honest, I do not sit and re-watch what happened when I lose because when I go into a fight — I never watch my opponents last fights either,” he said. “Honestly, the first guy to make a mistake, I feel is going to lose. The last three times, I made a mistake first. Just going to go in there and not try to make any mistakes. Capitalize on any mistakes that are made by my opponent.”

“I am not preparing for anything in particular about him. Obviously, he knows what he is doing. He is training guys for years. He owns his own MMA gym,” he continued. “All of the stuff I say on social media, quite honestly, I respect the guy for what he does. He knows what he is doing. I am going to go in there and do what I do. He is probably going to come in and do the same thing. I do not know if he is preparing for a certain type of fight that I he thinks I am going to bring. But it’s not going to be what he is preparing for because I am going to go in there and it’s all about reaction.”

Godeker has a prediction on the fight and it’s simple, fans in attendance or watching on the Shamrock FC website can expect to be entertained.

“Win or lose, I can guarantee one thing. The fans are going to get there money’s worth when they see Marc ‘Oh My’ Godeker vs. Kevin Hahn. I am going to make sure the fight is entertaining. Whether it goes three rounds, one round, or a minute. I am going to make sure the fans walk away saying ‘god damn, that was a good fight.'”

Shamrock FC: FUEL will come from the River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday and the event will be available on the Shamrock FC website for a price of $12.99.