Valor Fights 31: Fighting is a family business for Ace Samples

Tomorrow night’s Valor Fights 31 main card will see the third professional fight for bantamweight Ace Samples as he is going to be facing┬áBrandon Grimmett on the fight card coming from Chattanooga Sports Complex in Hixson, Tennessee.

The fighting life for Samples is much different than a majority of fighters as the fight game is a family business for the 135 pound fighter. Along with Samples being a professional fighter, his wife is also a fighter as she competes for Shamrock FC.

“Me and Ashley work together all day and we train together at night,” Samples told The MMA Report. “We stay in the same bed of course. We are literally right by each others side all day long. We are able to communicate on different levels of a relationship that other people really can’t.”

“Ashley has a full understanding of the fight life,” he continued. “She knows that there is days I will have a great day at work. Me and her will have no issues. Go to the gym. Have an off night and be a little sour about it. Meanwhile, if there is a spouse that is not there. You come home from the gym and you are a little bit upset because you did not have a great night. They don’t want to hear it. They did nothing wrong, so they don’t want to hear it. Me and Ashley have a legit understanding that I know a little bit of an off tempo or an off energy at training, can really put a damper in her at night. I understand and I am able to cope with it. And deal with it a lot easier.”

Check out Samples’ complete interview from The MMA Report Podcast below, which along with talking about his relationship with his wife, he talks about his fight tomorrow night at Valor Fights 31.