Shamrock FC

Four man, one night amateur featherweight tournament set for Shamrock FC: Explosion

Shamrock FC will be holding a four man, one night amateur featherweight tournament on June 3 in St. Louis, Missouri at the River City Casino and the details of the event have been revealed by the promotion.

Shamrock FC match maker Rob Donaker revealed the details of the tournament to The MMA Report on Wednesday and the rules of this one night tournament is below.

  • Four Man, Featherweight (145 pounds) Single Day Amateur MMA Tournament.
  • Semi-Final Bouts will be scheduled for two (2), three-minute rounds with the winner advancing to the final. If the scoring results in a draw the bout will be extended by a single 90-second, sudden victory round to determine which fighter advances.
  • Advancing in the tournament requires medical clearance by the event physician.
  • There will be two tournament reserve bouts.

The winner of the one night, amateur featherweight tournament at Shamrock FC: Explosion will receive a pro contract and the matchups for this tournament will be released next week according to Donaker.