The Bellator 155 Media Conference Call took place on Wednesday afternoon with Bellator President Scott Coker, middleweight champion Rafael Carvalho, Melvin Manhoef, Pat Curran and Georgi Karakhanyan.

The fighters took questions from the media for nearly 30 minutes about their fights that will take place on Friday night at the CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho.

The audio replay of the Bellator 155 Media Conference Call is below.

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  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    My definition of homegrown talent is fighters from regional promotions not that well known. And not from any big promotions. Or guys that Bellator developed in tournaments. Or like UFC and Bellator go around the world scouting talent nobodies ever heard of who end up being superstars.

    What are your thoughts on the Magic’s hiring of Frank Vogel? I think he’s perfect for the Magic. I wanted them to hire him so the East can be very competitive for yrs to come. So the West and East are both competitively balanced. Bc If the East had really good coaches like the West with somewhat competitive teams. Then the East would be the real deal.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      Which now the East does have really good teams and coaches that can compete even with the Western Conference.

      Btw what are you hearing about Lashley’s next fight in Bellator?

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        You there Jason? Can you plz respond to my comments on this post and on the Dan Charles one?

        Also where do you rank the Coenen upset?

        Can you believe most ppl think Bellator fixes fights? And that they think the judges are Bellator judges? Some ppl think Bellator tells the judges to screw a fighter bc they want the other guy to win.

        Yes sometimes Dana, Scott, Ray, etc wants some of their fighters/ champs to win. But they also want to see the better/ best man or woman win.

        And Judges are terrible in MMA, but they are the worst in Bellator.

      • Jason Floyd

        I will respond to your comments on Tuesday’s episode of The MMA Report Podcast.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Can you respond to some of my comments on The Insiders Podcast? And whatever you n Sam Caplan don’t get to you can answer on The MMA Report Podcast?

    • Jason Floyd

      We will attempt to get to your questions. No guarantees. If we do not get to them, I will certainly answer them during Tuesday’s The MMA Report Podcast. And if you are looking for an instant response from me, send your question/comments to me on Twitter.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        I deleted my Twitter account about 2 yrs ago. But I might set up a new one. I’m not a big Twitter, E- mail, or Facebook guy. I got rid of all three. I got no use for them. To me they’re overrated and outta style. I’m gonna cut the cable cord too after the summer or maybe before.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      Also what the hell is Bellator doing with Talita Noguira? She has yet to debut with them. It’s been over 2 yrs.

      When do you think they will announce a heavyweight tourney to crown a new champ? And do you think it will be a 4 man or 8 man tournament? One night or over 3 months? Who would you like to see in it?

      I saw on the Spike/ Bellator website that Mikkel Parlo’s profile is back on there. They cut him a yr or 2 ago. Idk if it was the previous regime or new one that cut him.