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HOF 5: Steve Montgomery talks about facing an opponent who has been out of competition for nearly two years

Steve Montgomery will look for his second straight win on Saturday night in South Florida as he will meet Nicolai Salchow in the main event of House of Fame 5.

Montgomery (9-4) is coming off a submission win at AFC 25 last month against Avery McPhatter and he was a guest on Tuesday’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast.” At the beginning of his appearance on the show, Montgomery talked about facing an opponent that has not competed in nearly two years.

“He is undefeated. So I am sure he has a ton of confidence and I have fought guys like that,” Montgomery stated. “Maybe they had fought recently, but I did not see any tape on them unless it was two years prior and they came out a completely different fighter. They were the same fighter with the same tendencies, but they were a lot more shape. They had a lot more tools and there timing was different.”

“I have been getting ready with just the best possible guys that mimic who I am fighting,” he continued. “Whether that be on the ground or on the feet. I have been getting a lot of real high level guys to mimic him and a lot of guys that while they are trying to mimic him, they have their own style. I am not trying to get ready for any one thing, I am just ready to react and find a way to mount my offense.

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