Shamrock FC 275

Derik Scott explains what traits he brings from gymnastics to mixed martial arts

Amateur lightweight Derik Scott will look to remain undefeated on Friday night at Shamrock FC 275 in St. Louis as he will meet Issac Purnell on the fight card coming from the River City Casino.

Scott (4-0) made his amateur debut last year and all of his wins have come by stoppage. He is coming off a TKO victory over Patrick Sparks at Shamrock FC: Explosion and recently explained to The MMA Report what traits he brought to mixed martial arts from gymnastics.

“Gymnastics has a huge carry over to the balance, but I would also say the kinesthetic awareness,” Scott explained. “Understanding when you are in a position, where you can roll and how you can roll. Position you are in and the overall awareness especially in scramble situations. Any type of jiu-jitsu or any type of situation like that. There is always going to be a scramble. I feel like the gymnastics, the balance, the power, the explosiveness has a lot of transferable characteristics especially in those scenarios.”

Check out Scott’s complete interview with The MMA Report below.