Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports President Mike Mazzulli releases statement on Jon Jones/UFC 232

UFC President Dana White announced on Sunday afternoon that UFC 232 has been moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles following UFC headliner Jon Jones being unable to be granted a license with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Since Jones was recently granted a license with the California State Athletic Commission, the UFC decided to move the entire UFC 232 event to Los Angeles. Since this announcement, the mixed martial arts community has been voicing their opinions on the matter and the decision made by CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster to approve the fight card.

On Monday morning, Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) President Mike Mazzulli released a statement about the situation, which he stated that the ABC supports the decision made by Foster.

“The ABC supports Andy Foster and his decision to allow Jon Jones to fight,” the statement said. “After reviewing all of the documents and the following statement from USADA it only fair to the fighter. As a commission, we always look out for the fighter it is not the decision of the commission to relocate or book venues. As a commission we regulate the fight to protect the fighters and make sure it is a fair fight. It’s unfortunate Executive Director Bob Bennett could not rectify the issue prior to the event this coming weekend. It understandable  since the event is 4 days away.  Have wonderful wonderful holiday season!!!”

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