Kiefer Crosbie fined $2,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct at Bellator 240

Kiefer Crosbie
Bellator MMA

In the final minute of his split decision victory over Iamik Furtago on Saturday at Bellator 240, Kiefer Crosbie gave the middle finger salute to Furtago while on the ground and this gesture has cost the fighter $2,500.

Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulations Director Mike Mazzulli informed on Monday about the fine and cited the fine is for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Per Mazzulli, he informed the fighters competing on the Bellator cards in Dublin on Friday morning during the rules meeting that inappropriate gestures are considered abusive language and not suitable in the cage. He brought up if NFL players did this, they would be subject to penalties and cited the rules and regulations of the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulations and Rule 21 of the current unified rules of mixed martial arts.

Under the current unified rules of mixed martial arts, rule 21 states the “use of abusive language in the fighting area. The use of abusive language is not allowed during MMA competition. It is the sole responsibility of the referee to determine when language crosses over the line to abusive. It should be clear that fighters can talk during a match. The mere use of auditory language is not a violation of this rule. Examples of abusive language would be (Racially motivated or Derogatory language).”

Initially, the fine was $5,000, but Crosbie apologized and the fine was reduced to $2,500.