Alistair Overeem says he will meet with NSAC later this month

Alistair Overeem is currently unable to apply for a fighters license with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and can re-apply for a license on December 27th.

Mark J. Rebilas/US PRESSWIRE

However, the former Strikeforce champion has a strategy to get a license before that date and said on “MMA Uncensored Live” on Spike TV last night that he will be meeting with the commission this month.

Overeem is hoping his meeting with the commission goes the way he would like and the commissioners elect to give him a license before December 27th.

“A very important factor is my license,” Overeem said. “I’m not yet licensed to fight. The UFC cannot promote anything. I gotta get my license first, and I’m able to re-apply for my license in December, late December. A couple days before the fight, but we have a strategy. We’re gonna go in front of the commission sooner with the argument of good behavior. We have been doing random tests on our own and these were all witnessed by an independent doctor in the hope of getting a license sooner. I think we will get a license sooner, maybe a conditional license, where I’d have to appear and do some random tests.”

Since the ruling by the NSAC, Overeem has continued to say that he wants to show the commission and everyone around the sport that he is a clean fighter. The random drug test that he is currently taking are not done by the NSAC and are done by various independent doctors.

According to the NSAC website, the next commission hearing is on August 24th and reached out to Keith Kizer, who is the executive director of the NSAC. When asked if Overeem was on the agenda for the next meeting, Kizer responded by saying “he is not.”

It could be possible that Overeem could be added to the meeting, which is three weeks from today. It’s unlikely that he would receive a conditional license before December 27th. If he were granted a license, the UFC would likely book him to take on Dos Santos at the end of the year pay-per-view on December 29th.