Chael Sonnen calls Jon Jones an “entitled brat”

The UFC announced earlier today that UFC 151 has been cancelled after Dan Henderson pulled out of the main event with a partially torn MCL and his opponent Jon Jones turned down a fight against Chael Sonnen.

Jones has not publicly talked about why he turned down the fight, but Sonnen has already started talking to the media. The former middleweight title contender went on ESPN earlier today and does not understand why Jones turned down the fight against him. Along with not understanding why Jones declined the fight, he said that Jones is an entitled brat.

“I just don’t know why he won’t fight me next Saturday,” Sonnen said. What else does he have to do? Is there a win tasting at a the local racetrack that I haven’t heard about. Maybe Dana didn’t make it clear enough that he was willing to fly Jones out and that he would have to drive.”

Sonnen is doing what he does best and that is to promote a potential fight. Jones is currently not talking to the media, which is a mistake on the champions part. With turning down the fight, he looks like he didn’t want to defend his title against Sonnen and is losing fans.

Jones made a smart business decision, but fans do not see it that way. With today’s events, Chael Sonnen will likely be the next title contender after Lyoto Machida, if he can defeat Forrest Griffin at UFC 155 on December 29th.