Eduardo Dantas does not regret taking fight outside of Bellator

Bellator bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas took a fight in Brazil last weekend against Tyson Nam and was defeated by knockout in the first round.

Dantas took on Nam at the Shooto card in Brazil and told that it was definitely the worse day of his life.

“It was definitely the worse day of my life,” Dantas said. “I was very confident, very focused and I think was over aggressive. I wanted to end the fight quickly and that’s what happened.”

Dantas was knocked out at the 1:40 mark of the first round by Nam and felt he was just clipped, but he has learned a lesson from the lost.

“It was definitely that,” he said. “I think about that every day and every night. This was good because I evolve like a man or a fighter, like an athlete. I was fighting like a kid. I wanted to end it quickly and I act like a kid. I feel better now, but I’m pretty sure that in one year or ten years, we will fight again. What happened that night was his merit but I think if we fight again, the outcome will be different.”

Bellator allows it’s fighters to take fights outside of the United States, so they can stay active. Fighters like Hector Lombard and Alexander Shlemenko have taken fights outside of the company, but were not defeated.

According to Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney, they do not plan on changing their policy due in part that the organization will be holding more tournaments starting in 2013.

“I don’t think there much a thought process to change it as there is just the fact that we are moving to Spike and we are going to have some many more tournaments per season,” Rebney said. “The necessity of having guys fighting outside of the organization really wont be there.  We have tried to eliminate the super fights, which we have done a great job of eliminating and we will do a better job of eliminating in January.”

Since last Saturday night, Dantas has been criticized for taking the fight, but the Bellator champion does not regret taking the fight in Brazil.

“A lot of people are criticizing and asking why do you take the fight because it’s out of Bellator,” Dantas said. “I want to be the best in the world, so I am going to test myself. I took the fight because I knew he was a nice fighter on standing. I try to take the fight standing to prove myself and that happened.”

With being knocked out, Dantas has received a medical suspension and he believes it’s a thirty day suspension. Bellator was planning to have Dantas defend his title in the seventh season against season six tournament winner Marcos Galvao, but that could be postponed because of his recent knockout defeat. Rebney likes to see fighters take extra time off after suffering a knockout victory.

Rebney did not rule out the possibility that Dantas will fight in the seventh season, but his first title defense may be move to the 8th season of Bellator. That season will begin in January and that’s when the fight cards will be shown on Spike TV.