Should Dan Henderson be blamed for UFC 151 being canceled?

Since last Thursday when UFC President Dana White announced that UFC 151 had been canceled, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has received a majority of blame for the fight card being canceled.

Jones could have saved the card by accepting the fight with Chael Sonnen, but he turned the fight down after speaking to his training team and getting their thoughts.

The UFC has received some blame for not having another fight on the card that was main event worthy, but fans have continued to attack the light heavyweight champion.

Jones has wrote on his Twitter about all the hate messages he has received and said “reading hate tweets is like tough skin practice, when I’m like 27 nothing will bother me.”

To this point, no one has blamed Dan Henderson for this card being canceled and should the former Pride and Strikeforce champion be blamed?

Henderson was a guest on today’s edition of “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani on and stated that he has been dealing with this knee injury for three weeks.

Henderson tried to battle through the injury, but did not inform the UFC of the injury until early last week. At that point, the UFC had him come to Las Vegas to see their doctors and have the knee checked out. The UFC doctor told him that he needed to pull out of the fight and that is what the UFC did.

However, all of the blame has gone to Jones for not accepting the fight with Sonnen and no blame has gone the way of Henderson. Why is that? Is it because Henderson is a fan favorite and Jones is not at this point in his career?

A fan reached out to Jones on Twitter and brought up the news that Henderson injured his knee three weeks ago and Jones responded to the fan.

Does Jones need to take a portion of the blame for what happened last week? Of course he has to, but he is not the only person to blame.

Henderson should have informed the UFC that he was dealing with a knee injury and was working his way through it. If Henderson came to the UFC when the injury happened, UFC 151 may be happening this weekend with Jones facing potentially Chael Sonnen or someone else.

Jones has not handled this situation well since he has only done one interview and issued a statement on his Twitter. His camp has said that he does not plan on doing any more interviews, which is not a smart move on his part. Because of his actions, he has became one of the most hated fighters in the UFC by the fans.

Henderson should be receiving a portion of the blame for this card and Jones should not be receiving all of the blame, the way he currently is. The best thing for Jones is for September 22nd to get here and he gets to do what he does best, which is stepping into the octagon and showing why he is the best light heavyweight fighter in the world.