Bellator 74 Preliminary Card Results

The seventh season of the Bellator Fighting Championships has begun as the prelimianry card of Bellator 74 is complete.

The preliminary card featured six bouts and five of the fights were shown on, with four of the fights finishing by decision.

The results of all the preliminary card fights shown on are below:

Casey Johnson vs. Will Martinez

The fight would start with both fighters standing and throwing strikes. Martinez would end up getting the back of his opponent and began to look for a rear-naked choke. He would end up getting a body lock on Johnson and finished the fight at the 2:27 mark of the first round.

Michelle Ould vs. Munah Holland

Ould was able to take down Holland in the opening minute of the fight and ended up getting the mount position. She attempted to throw multiple strikes, but ended up losing the position. She would be able to stay in top position and continue to throw strikes. Ould would be able to keep top position for the entire round and Holland could not get off her back.

The second round opened just like the first round with Ould getting a takedown and ended up in top position. Holland was able to mount some offense with a triangle choke, but Ould was able to escape. Ould was able to maintain top position and continued to try multiple strikes. She would transition to side control and continued to overwhelm Holland with her ground strikes.

As the third round started, Holland was able to show her striking abilities and was able to stop a takedown attempt of Ould in the first minute and a half in the round. Ould looked for another takedown and this time it was successful. She was able to achieve top position and continued what she have been doing in the previous rounds.

The fight would go to the judges and Ould won the fight on all three judges scorecards with two of the scorecards being 30-27 and the other judge scored it 29-28.

Alexandre Bezerra vs. Matt McCook

Matt McCook was a late replacement for Jeff Smith, who was originally scheduled to take on Bezerra. The fight started off as a kick boxing bout with Bezerra confusing McCook and dominating the action. Bezerra ended up getting a takedown with three minutes to go in the round and began to work his ground attack. He ended up getting the back of his opponent and locked in a rear-naked choke. After getting his hooks in, McCook tapped and the finish of the fight came at the 3:04 mark in the first round.

Phillipe Nover vs. Derrick Kennington

The fighters started the fight off by making it a grappling contest and Kennington was able to land an arm bar, but Nover was able to escape and end up in top position. Once again, Kennington was able to get a submission attempt and this time it was a triangle choke and once again Nover was able to escape. Nover ended the round in side control and was able to land strikes in the final moments.

In the second round, Nover was able to get a takedown in the opening minute of the round and Kennington was looking to go for a triangle choke submission. Once again, Nover was able to stay away from the submission and land strikes from the top position. Kennington was able to get back to his feet at the midway point of the round, but Nover immediately took the fight back to the ground. Nover began to land elbow, which opened up a cut on the face of Kennington and Nover transition to get the back and locked in a rear naked choke and scored a technical submission at the 4:20 mark of the round.

Brylan Van Artsdalen vs. Jay Haas

The first fight on the preliminary card was a featherweight bout and only lasted 63 seconds. Haas was able to get a jumping guillotine choke submission locked in, but Van Artsdalen was able to escape the hold.

After the failed submission attempt, the fighters would get back to their feet and Van Artsdalen was able to lock in an arm in guillotine choke and Haas was forced to tap. The end of the fight came at the 1:03 mark and this is the first Bellator win for him as he entered the fight with a 0-3 record in the organization.

Bellator 74 Preliminary Card Results:
Will Martinez def. Casey Johnson via submission (rear-naked choke) – 1st Round, 2:27
Michelle Ould def. Munah Holland via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Alexandre Bezerra def. Matt McCook via submission (rear-naked choke) – 1st Round, 3:04
Phillipe Nover def. Derrick Kennington via technical submission (rear-naked choke) – 2nd Round, 4:20
Brylan Van Artsdalen def. Jay Haas via submission (guillotine choke) – 1st Round, 1:03
Claudio Ledesma def. Kenny Foster via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)