ONE FC adopts full PRIDE rules for soccer kicks

ONE FC has announced a rule change after their most recent fight card and the organization has adopted full PRIDE rules for soccer kicks.

The announcement of the rule change was announced on the ONE FC Twitter. The previous ruled allow for soccer kicks as long as the referee informed the fighter that they were legal.

The reason for the change came after the controversial end to the heavyweight bout between former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia.

Arlovski dropped Sylvia late in the second round and threw two soccer kicks as Sylvia was on the ground. The referee did not give the signal that a soccer kick was allowed and the fight was declared a no decision after Sylvia was given five minutes to recover.

The new rule will allow for less confusion for the fighters, since most fighters were not sure when they were able to throw soccer kicks to a downed opponent.

Soccer kicks are not allowed under the unify rules of mixed martial arts, which most promotions in North America use.